Chariots to Jordan

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Chariots to Jordan
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"Mistress, may I speak?"

Karinah chuckled at the request.  If there was one thing Gili had never sought, it was permission to speak.  She always said exactly what she wanted.  When she first came as a slave it was an annoyance and infuriated Karinah, but over the months she had actually come to appreciate the young maiden's outspoken nature.  "Certainly, Gili," she replied.

"There is a prophet in Israel who can heal Master Naaman," Gili said....

CHARIOTS TO JORDAN is a gripping account of the love, fear, hatred and happiness of a young girl who changed one man's life forever.  The world knows of the miraculous cure of Naaman, the Syrian army commander who went to Elisa the prophet to be cured of leprosy and was told to bath seven times in the Jordan River.  But what nearly everyone overlooks is had it not been for a young Jewish maiden, a slave to his wife, Naaman would be a long forgotten soldier who died a hideous death.  Naaman owes his soft clean skin--and his fame--to that young girl.

CHARIOTS TO JORDAN is a novel that tells the story of that Jewish maiden and the events that unfold to bring her and Naaman together.  Set in mid-800 BC when Israel was in decay and the prophets of God were mostly ignored, it is a riveting account of her tragic capture and how she learns to love and help those who are undeserving of her affection. 

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