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"JOSEPH took the last few steps to the tomb and stopped, waiting for the sense of foreboding to descend upon him as it had every time in the past.  To his surprise, it didn't come.  Instead, there was a strange sense of relief--almost a calm, peaceful feeling..."

HE WAS INSPIRED, but he didn't know why.  He worked hard, but he didn't know what for.  Now, just days before the Passover, it is finished, and Joseph of Arimethea ponders who might have need of such a magnificent and special tomb--a tomb built for a king.

SET AMID THE TURBULENCE of Roman-ruled Jerusalem, when confusion and contention rage among Jews about a stranger from Galilee, this touching account of love and sacrifice gives the reader a unique perspective of Christ's ministry and the events leading up to his Crucifixion.  Skillfully crafted, this story about Joseph of Arimethea, whose determination to follow his heart--even in the face of persecution--is a perfect reminder to put our faith in God in all circumstances.

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